How to choose a high quality motor with six key points?
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How to choose a high quality motor with six key points?

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With the increasing amounts of motor manufacturer, motor's quality and price is different. In order to insure motor performance and quality, must choose a big motor manufacturer with specialized QC and R&D department.

  1. Silicon Steel Sheet.

    Silicon steel sheet is important part of motor,which consist of main cost of motor with copper wire.

  2. length of iron core 

       motor stator and rotor is pressure cast by steel sheet. length and tightness influence motor performance. The longer and tighter iron core, the better motor performance will be.

  3. Full slot rate of copper wire

    When core is longer, the larger the amounts of copper wire is. Of course, copper wire increases, motor performance will be better.

  4. Bearing

    The bearing is the carrier that can withstand the high speed operation of the motor rotor. The quality of the bearing affects the running noise and heat of the motor.


    The housing bears the vibration and heat dissipation of the motor during operation. The heavier the housing, the greater the strength. The design of the housing and the appearance of the die-casting are important factors affecting the price of the housing.

 6. Process

    Including machine machining accuracy, rotor die casting process, assembly process, insulation dipping paint, etc. will affect the performance and quality stability of the motor.

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