What does an electric motor do?
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What does an electric motor do?

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Electric motors are everywhere! In your house, almost all mechanical movement seen around you is caused by AC (AC) or DC (DC) motors. Everyone recognizes that if you can make a very efficient motor, you can make a huge leap. It is through this demand for growth and development that some of the world's greatest inventors have made electric motors better and more efficient than ever.

This passage is going to talk about the followings of electric motor:

(1)How do electric motors work?

(2)Benefits of using electric motors

(3)In conclusion


(1)How do electric motors work?

If you are an electrical engineer, then you will know how a motor works. If this is not the case, it may cause great confusion. Therefore, here is a simplified explanation of the working principle of a four-pole, three-phase AC induction motor in a car (or a version of the "working principle of a fool-type motor").

It starts with the battery in the car connected to the electric motor. Electricity is supplied to the stator through the car battery. The coils (made of wires) in the stator are arranged on opposite sides of the stator core and act as magnets to some extent. Therefore, when the electric energy from the car battery is supplied to the electric motor, the coil generates a rotating magnetic field, thereby pulling the conductive bar outside the rotor along the back of the rotor. The rotating rotor generates the mechanical energy needed to rotate the gears of the car, and the gears rotate the tires.

Now, in a typical non-electric car, there are both an engine and an alternator. The battery powers the engine, and the engine powers the gears and wheels. The rotation of the wheels then powers the alternator in the car, and the alternator charges the battery. This is why you are told to drive for a while after jumping-the battery needs to be charged to work properly.

electric motors 

(2)Benefits of using electric motors

Electric motors directly or indirectly affect the environment at both the micro and macro levels. It depends on how you perceive the situation and the energy required. From a personal point of view, electric cars do not need to run gasoline, which leads to emission-free cars all over our highways and cities. Although this brings new problems with the burden of additional power production, it relieves the pressure of millions of cars densely distributed in cities and suburbs that emit toxins in the air.

From a large-scale perspective, the rise of electric vehicles has many benefits. For the starter, since the noise emitted by the electric motor is much lower than that of the gasoline-powered engine, noise pollution is reduced. In addition, because electric motors do not require the same types of lubricants and maintenance as gas engines, as the number of cars that need to be inspected is reduced, the chemicals and oil used by car repair shops will also be reduced.


(3)In conclusion

Electric motors are changing the course of history, just as steam-powered engines and printing presses redefine progress. Although electric motors did not pave the way like these inventions, they opened up a new field in the transportation industry, not only focusing on style and performance, but also on external influences. Therefore, although electric motors may not change the world due to the introduction of some brand-new inventions or the establishment of new markets, it is redefining how we define progress as a society.

If there is nothing wrong with the advancement of electric motors, then at least we can say that our society has taken a step forward with its awareness of environmental impact. This is the new schedule definition defined by the electric motor.

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