Analysis of Distribute to Motor Filed
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Analysis of Distribute to Motor Filed

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The classification criteria of electric motors are as follows: according to the classification of working power, they can be divided into DC motors and AC motors; classified according to structure and working principle, they can be divided into synchronous motors and asynchronous motors. Synchronous motors generally include: permanent magnet motors, reluctance motors, hysteresis motors, etc.; asynchronous motors generally include: AC commutator motors and induction motors. According to the size of the power or the height of the stator core or the outer diameter of the stator core, it is generally divided into: large motor, medium motor, small motor and micro motor.

In the past ten years, due to the rapid increasing importance of energy conservation, environmental protection and sustainable development in the international community, the production of high-efficiency motors has become the development direction of the global motor industry. At present, the world's motor manufacturing industry is developing from general-purpose products to general-purpose and special-purpose products. High-efficiency, energy-saving, high-grade motors and mechatronics inverter motors will have good market prospects.

Through the analysis of the industrial layout of the motor industry, foreign motor companies outsourced the main components of their motor products to professional manufacturers for their manufacture, which promoted the development of domestic motor manufacturing enterprises and formation of a professional division of the motor filed. With the transfer of manufacturing bases to developing countries by foreign motor manufacturers, the output of China's motor manufacturing industry has increased year by year, the export volume has increased year by year, the grades of export products have been continuously improved, and some products with higher technical content have entered the international market.

According to the National Bureau of Statistics, as of June 2015, there were 2,685 enterprises in China's motor manufacturing industry with a total asset size of 724.48 billion yuan. As a basic energy conversion device, the motor has maintained steady and rapid growth in recent years.  

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