Gear motor
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Gear motor

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Gear motor refers to integration of motor and gearbox, called as reduction motor or deceleration motor. It is usually made by professional reducer manufacturer to complete the assembly and supply. Gear motor are widely used in steel industry, machinery industry and small household appliance. The advantage of the gear motor is to simplify design and save space. A gear box is usually decelerated by engaging a high-speed driving motor through a gear with a few teeth on the input shaft of the reducer to meshing the large gear on the output axis.

Gear motor is manufactured with international technical requirements and it is very high- tech. Besides, it is reliable and durable, withstanding overload capacity and saving space.Based on low energy consumption, superior performance, gear box reach up to 95% efficiency. Little vibration, low noise, high energy saving, the use of high quality segment steel add gear motor to the superiority.

Moreover precision processing ensure positioning accuracy upon which consists of gear motor, formed the mechanical and electrical integration.

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