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Produce equipment
1.Aluminum diecasting/zinc diecasting 
2.Sheet metal stamping
3.Plastic injection molding
4.Motors winding
5.CNC machine
6.Product assembly line

Testing Laboratory and devices 
Motor performance testing equipment
Motor reliability and life testing equipment
Motor application testing equipment for customer’s application
including of below devices:
1.  electrical parameter tester 
2.  electrical winding temp rise tester 
3.depth vernier caliper
4.dial indicator
5.digital electric bridge
6.digital flash voltammeter
7.digital force gauge
9.Hi-pot tester
10.insulation resistance meter
11.multiplex temp measuring device
12.performance parameter inspection device
13.torque driver
14.Two-dimension image projector
15.Three- dimension tester
16.Glow-wire test apparatus
17.Phenol peptide solution pinhole tester
18.flow volume testing equipment
19.Anechoic room
20.Climate testing equipment (High/low temperature & humidity, Cold-heat impact)
21.Corrosion resistance test facilities (Salt spray, Acid and alkali)

With above produce equipments and test laborary/devices, we can have a good guarantee to optimize motor performance and efficiency, Optimize motor electromagnetic field distribution, Minimize motor cogging torque, vibration and noise, Highly improve the motor reliability.

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