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  • Jul
    [Motor knowledge] Gear motor

    Gear motor refers to integration of motor and gearbox, called as reduction motor or deceleration motor. It is usually made by professional reducer manufacturer to complete the assembly and supply. Gear motor are widely used in steel industry, machinery industry and small household appliance. The adv

  • Aug
    [Motor knowledge] How to repair brushless motor?

    How to repair brushless motor?Brushless motors are complex and complicated equipment. Therefore, they can stop working for a variety of reasons. Both AC motors and DC motors have similar problems. Whether it is due to lack of maintenance, wear and tear, or just due to aging, failures occur due to va

  • Jul
    [Motor knowledge] How to connect brushless motor?

    How to connect brushless motor?How to power and control the brushless DC motor? This article will introduce some professional knowledge of brushless motors.This passage is going to talk about the followings of brushless motor:(1) Basic knowledge of brushless motor(2) BLDC motor control features(

  • Jul
    [Motor knowledge] How to check brushless motor?

    How to check brushless motor?If you use brushless motors in the industry, you must ensure that they are always in perfect working condition. Although it is a good idea to schedule regular maintenance of all electronic equipment, if you can test the brushless motor yourself, you can save some service

  • Jul
    [Motor knowledge] How to build a servo?

    How to build a servo?It is a good thing to understand the servo system, how to use it and its advantages and disadvantages.This passage is going to talk about the followings of servo motor:(1) Servos background(2) How to control amateur servo motors?(3) What is the difference between and digit

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