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  • Jun
    [Industry Trends] Starting method when synchronous motor is working
    It is very important for a machine start before its starting work.
  • Mar
    [Industry Trends] Development Trends of Micro Motor
    The wave of intelligence and automation has penetrated in various fields, and they are developing faster and faster. There are unprecedented market opportunities in many fields, including smart cars, home appliances, drones, etc., and micro-motors as core components also follow these The expansion o
  • Aug
    [Industry Trends] Tubular motor has a great market prospect
    Tubular motor for intelligent window and door systemWith the development of science and technology, more and more people take importance to life quality and personal experience. Actually people are increasingly relying on technology, and product intelligence has become a major development trend in t
  • Jul
    [Industry Trends] Five main trend application condition For Brushless DC motor
    Five main trend application condition For Brushless DC motor Micro motor market in China is developing more and more fast in rencent years. Instead of DC motor, Brushless DC motor features a great advantages of high efficiency and low noise with high market share,especially in export market.Brushles
  • Oct
    [Industry Trends] Customers first
    According to introducing, at present more popular on the market the annatto several major schools mainly reflected on the regional, each has its own characteristics. Car chang said, for example, "such as wide as a furniture…
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