Analysis of advantages and disadvantages of brushless dc motor
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Analysis of advantages and disadvantages of brushless dc motor

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    Brushless dc motor uses electronic components instead of traditional carbon brush commutation, which will solve the disadvantages of brushed motor.Let's first look at the advantages of brushless motors.Because of brushless motor without the working process of the carbon brush, there is no noise in brushless motor, which will highlight the advantages in some quiet place such as hospitals, schools, banks. Brushless motor will be no spark in the process of the work since it has no carbon brush, that makes the brushless dc motor more important in some inflammable and explosive occasions,other advantage is the long life, because carbon brush friction of brushed motor will result in breakage of carbon brush , also lifespan of the brushless motor will be longer than brushed motor.Besides, brushless motor adopts induction of the magnetic field and can not connect with each other, so brushless motor operates faster.

Seeing so many advantages, of course, DC brushless motors will have their corresponding shortcomings. DC brushless motors must be equipped with corresponding DC motor speed controllers to work, which will increase the working cost, just for In the case of a motor, the commutator is more expensive than a carbon brush, and the cost of a brushless motor alone is higher than that of a brushed motor. Also, if the application is a high magnetic field, the rotor of the motor itself is made by a magnet. Under the action of a high magnetic field, the magnetic field of the rotor will be changed or a part of the magnetic field will be eliminated, and the motor will not work properly.

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