How does a brushless DC motor work?
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How does a brushless DC motor work?

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Brushless DC motors are common in industrial applications worldwide. At the most basic level, there are brush and brushless motors, as well as DC and AC motors. You might think that a brushless DC motor does not contain brushes, but uses DC current. Compared with other types of motors, these motors have many specific advantages, but fundamentally speaking, what exactly is a brushless DC motor? How does it work and what is its purpose?

This passage is going to talk about the followings of brushless DC motor:

(1)   The working principle of brushless DC motor

(2)   What are the uses of brushless DC motor?

(3)   Select the best motor

brushless motor

The working principle of brushless DC motor

It usually helps to explain the working principle of a brushed DC motor because it has been used for a while before the brushless DC motor is available. The brushed DC motor has permanent magnets on the outside of its structure and a rotating armature on the inside. The permanent magnets fixed on the outside are called stators. The armature that rotates and contains electromagnets is called a rotor.

In a brushed DC motor, when current flows to the armature, the rotor rotates 180 degrees. To advance further, the magnetic poles of the electromagnet must be reversed. When the rotor rotates, the brushes come into contact with the stator, which reverses the magnetic field and makes the rotor rotate a full 360 degrees.

Brushless DC motors actually flip from the inside out, so there is no need to use brushes to flip the electromagnetic field. In a brushless DC motor, the permanent magnet is located on the rotor and the electromagnet is located on the stator. The computer then charges the electromagnet in the stator to rotate the rotor 360 degrees.

What are the uses of brushless DC motor?

The efficiency of brushless DC motors is usually 85-90%, while the efficiency of brushed motors is usually only 75-80%. The brushes will eventually wear out, sometimes causing dangerous sparks, thus limiting the service life of the brushed motor. Brushless DC motors are quiet, light, and have a longer service life. Because the computer controls the current, the brushless DC motor can achieve more precise motion control.

Because of all these advantages, brushless DC motors are usually used in modern equipment that requires low noise and low heat, especially in equipment that runs continuously. This may include washing machines, air conditioners and other consumer electronics products. They may even be the main power of service robots, which will require very careful control of force for safety reasons.

Compared with other types of motors, brushless DC motors have several obvious advantages, which is why they have entered many household products, and may be the main factor in the development of service robots inside and outside the industrial field.

If you think your application can benefit from this technology, please browse the list of brushless DC motor suppliers and integrators.

Select the best motor

Finally, let's talk about what to look for when choosing a motor. The most important characteristic is the electric motor Kv. The motor with a voltage of 2000Kv per volt delivered to the motor will rotate at a speed of 2000 revolutions per minute. The size is closely related to Kv. Large motors usually have higher torque, but lower Kv, and use larger propellers, while slender but longer motors will have higher Kv, low torque, and are most suitable for small propellers. The maximum power of the motor is also a factor to be considered. Exceeding the power limit of the motor will cause the motor to heat up, thereby greatly reducing its efficiency or even damaging it. For the same Kv value, the performance of one brand of motor may be better than other brands. This is why you should test the electric motor before building a drone or other equipment around it.

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