How long can an electric motor run continuously?
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How long can an electric motor run continuously?

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Electric motors are widely used in daily life, from lighting up camping trips to powering company factories to keeping electricity running in emergency situations. Although in most cases, the electric motor will not run for too long, long-term power outages will bring serious losses and remain unchanged, so you can use the electric motor to generate electricity for a long time. Today I will share with you how long the electric motor can run continuously.


(1) Operating characteristics of electric motors

(2) The working principle of electric motor

(3) Precautions for the use of electric motors


(1) Operating characteristics of electric motors

During the operation of electric motor, various energy losses will eventually become heat energy, causing the temperature of various parts of electric motor to rise, which will exceed the ambient temperature. The thermal transition process of the temperature rise is called the heating process of electric motor, and the value of electric motor temperature higher than the ambient temperature is called the temperature rise. Once the temperature rises, electric motor will dissipate heat to the surroundings.

When the heat emitted by electric motor per unit time is equal to the heat emitted, the temperature no longer increases, and a stable temperature rise is maintained, which is called dynamic thermal balance. From the perspective of motor heating, one of the main factors determining the capacity of electric motor is the heat resistance of its winding insulation material, which is the temperature that the winding insulation material can tolerate.

The maximum temperature of electric motor during operation cannot exceed the maximum temperature of the winding insulation. When this limit is exceeded, the service life of electric motor will be greatly shortened, and even the insulation will quickly burn out and cannot be used.


(2) The working principle of electric motor

The working system of electric motor indicates the allowable cycle time of electric motor under different loads. The working system of electric motor is: S1~S10; among them: the classification of the working system of electric motor is the description of the load condition of electric motor, which includes start, electric brake, no-load, power-off and stop, and the duration and sequence of these stages; the work system is divided into 10 categories, 2 categories are briefly introduced below.

S1 Continuous duty system: The running time under constant load is sufficient to achieve thermal stability.

S2 Short-time work system: Run for a given time under constant load, this time is not enough to reach thermal stability, and then the energy will be stopped for enough time to cool electric motor to within 2K of the temperature of the cooling medium.

S3 Intermittent cycle work system: run according to a series of the same work cycle, each cycle includes a period of constant load operation time and a period of energy interruption stop time. The starting current of each cycle in this working system will not have a significant impact on the temperature rise.


(3) Precautions for the use of electric motors

Pay attention to environmental protection when electric motor is maintained and repaired, and ensure that the repair site is pollution-free, and electric motor coil must not be removed by fire. For motors that have been used for more than one year, pay attention to checking the oil seal, shaft seal ring on the outside of electric motor end cover, junction box seat, seal ring on the junction box cover and other rubber parts for cracks, deformation, severe wear and other aging phenomena during maintenance. , The parts that cannot meet the sealing performance and requirements should be replaced in time.

These are all related matters that should be paid attention to during use. Only when we actually do these during use can we better maintain electric motor and get more benefits for ourselves.



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