How to repair brushless motor?
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How to repair brushless motor?

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Brushless motors are complex and complicated equipment. Therefore, they can stop working for a variety of reasons. Both AC motors and DC motors have similar problems. Whether it is due to lack of maintenance, wear and tear, or just due to aging, failures occur due to various reasons. Making a preventive maintenance plan is a good way to pay close attention to the health of the motor, because it can help you identify, evaluate, and solve problems that may arise over time and may require repair services.

When a motor needs repair, it is usually due to one of the following reasons: winding failure, pollution, electromechanical problems.

This passage is going to talk about the followings of brushless motor:

(1) Winding failure of brushless motor

(2) Polluting brushless motors – need cleaning

(3) Mechanical and electrical problems of brushless motor


(1) Winding failure of brushless motor

Motor windings are the most common source of problems. Winding failures are some of the most common reasons for motor repairs. Tight mechanical, environmental and electrical operating conditions may cause motor failure. Electrical failure is a winding failure caused by contactor disconnection, poor connection, blown fuse, overheating, electrical overload or damage to the power cord. The problem of poor operating conditions may interrupt the power supply to the motor and cause its failure.

Insulation failure is another type of winding failure that may cause the motor to stop working. Winding insulation can include short-circuited coils, short-circuits between turns, or short-circuits between phases due to wear, vibration, voltage surges or contaminants. AC motors and DC motors can also cause thermal degradation of winding insulation due to overheating. Unbalanced power load or poor connection of motor terminals can cause voltage unevenness, which can lead to thermal degradation. Bearing failure can also cause motor failure. These failures occur due to loosen parts or friction between mechanical parts. Misalignment and shaft imbalance can also cause bearing failures in motor windings.


brushless DC motor

(2) Polluting brushless motors – need cleaning

Contamination is another problem in brushless motors. Grease, oil and dirt are common contaminants that may enter the motor. Moisture is a harmful pollutant, and it also has a negative impact on AC and DC motors. The additional hazard of moisture is that it can cause corrosion, which in turn causes other parts of the motor to fail to work properly. Regardless of the cause, contamination can damage the vulnerable parts of the motor, such as the cooling system, motor shaft and motor system. If the cooling fan and other parts of the cooling system are damaged, the motor may overheat and need to be completely replaced.


(3) Mechanical and electrical problems of brushless motor

Electrical and mechanical problems are other important reasons for motor maintenance. From electrical overload to damaged parts, electrical and mechanical problems will seriously affect the normal working ability of the motor. These problems usually affect motor windings. The easiest way to find the cause of the problem is to investigate the failure mode that occurs when the motor starts to show signs of the problem. Dedicated software and data collection equipment are ideal for collecting information about motor performance and pointing out problems. The diagnostic tool can look at the cooling fan, motor shaft and other components of the motor for signs of degradation and wear. Bearing overheating, incorrect connection and abnormal fuel tank level are just some indicators of mechanical and electrical problems.


Good maintenance procedures can help you detect problems and prevent motor failures from causing winding failures, pollution, electrical problems, and mechanical problems. The use of software and accurate diagnostic tools can help you better understand the problem of the brushless motor for repair. Without extensive technical knowledge, it is difficult to detect and repair motor problems, so you may eventually need to seek repair services to correct motor problems.

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