How to replace ac motor?
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How to replace ac motor?

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Household AC equipment uses electric motors to move air and electric motors to move refrigerant. Whether due to overheating, lack of proper maintenance, or due to aging, AC motors can fail and cause the entire system to shut down. If the fan motor is not working properly, other components in the air conditioner may stop working quickly, leading to more repairs and frustration in the unbearably high temperature house. How to replace ac motor?

This passage is going to talk about the followings of ac motor:

(1)   Condenser fan motor

(2)   Blower motor

(3)   Routine maintenance of your AC motor - avoid air conditioner failure


Condenser fan motor

Since the condenser fan motor will rain and be exposed to the components, it is rated for outdoor use, and its ends and sides are sealed to prevent water from entering. These motors are usually single-speed, with horsepower ranging from 1/6 hp to 1/3 hp. They always have a capacitor, if it is the original motor, usually a double capacitor, if it is an after-sale motor replacement, usually a capacitor. Factory motors usually have three wires, while aftermarket versions usually have four wires.

The main thing to remember on condenser fan motors is that the main service issue is usually a damaged capacitor. This problem usually occurs in the summer when the weather is the hottest. If the motor is damaged, measure the height from the fan blade to the hand guard before removing the fan blade. The placement of the blades is absolutely important to the operation of the condenser, even more important than its original placement on the motor shaft. Therefore, you should always keep all replaced fan blades at exactly the same height, because mistaken blade height even by one inch may mean that the compressor will overheat and burn. If you need to replace the condenser fan motor and capacitor, please first pay attention to the following key information:

Rotating speed

Frame size

life value


Most importantly, never try to push the replacement blade onto the motor. After all, the electric motor is easy to replace, and the correct fan blade may take several weeks to find.

Finally, don't rely on the assumption that you can simply replace other pitch blades when necessary. The wrong size or type will not work, and may cause the fan motor to overheat or only cause insufficient air circulation, which means that the AC power module will not work properly. The airflow at the condenser is critical.

Blower motor

Another popular type of pneumatic AC unit motor is the blower motor. The appearance of the blower motor is similar to that of the condenser fan motor, except that the sides and/or ends of the blower are ventilated to allow air to pass through. The blower motor also has a capacitor, in addition to more wires than the condenser fan motor.

The main reason for the failure of the blower motor is that dirty air passes through them and blocks the ventilation holes, causing the motor to overheat. This shows that the problem is more serious because the air filter should be soiled before it reaches the motor. Sometimes, the blower motor encounters a capacitor failure, causing the capacitor to rotate backward. They seem to operate normally like this, but there is almost no air. A few hours later, the evaporator coil freezes and the house is overheating, prompting the homeowner to ask for help.

To replace the failed blower motor, remove the blower housing with the motor and blower. You must remove the curved plate first, but this is where the wheels slide out of the housing. After completing the operation, make sure to reinstall the blower impeller firmly to avoid burning the new motor. Finally, keep in mind that there are universal alternatives to blower motors. Just remember that the electric heater uses a 230 volt blower motor (compared to a 115 volt motor for a gas stove), you should choose!

Routine maintenance of your AC motor - avoid air conditioner failure

The most reliable way to prevent damage to the fan motor or any other type of air conditioner failure is routine maintenance. During maintenance, a certified professional will inspect and adjust all parts to ensure efficient operation of your equipment. Although AC service requires a small amount of upfront cost, it will inevitably save you a lot of production line maintenance costs, while also extending the service life of the system. In addition, it can make you feel at ease about the comfort of the house in the hot summer weather.

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