Reasons resulting in heating of electric motor
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Reasons resulting in heating of electric motor

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At present, adapted singel phase motor, three phase motor and all kinds of fan motor belong to asynchronous motor. It often appears conditions that motor working temp increase even can not work when operating electrical motor.

It results from below reasons:

  1. The main factor is power supply

    Too high Supply voltage, too low supply voltage,asymmetric supply voltage, unbalance of three phase power supply.

  2. Motor load cause overheat of electric motor

    Operated motor is over-load. The dragging mechanical load is not working properly. The dragging machine is out of work.

  3. Electric motor itself cause overheat.

    Electric motor winding is open circuit. Electric motor winding is short circuit. Motor circuit is connected wrong. Electric motor appears mechcanical breakdown

  4. Worse ventilation and heat dissipation

    Too high ambient temp may increase inlet air. Air intake has impurity and don't make air inlet smoothy, finally inlet airflow is samll.

    Too many dusts is in the motor and influence motor dissipation. Unreasonable fan mounting cause no aiflow and little airflow.

    Wind Hood is not installed or windshield board is not installed in the end cover of the motor, resulting in the motor without a certain wind path

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