The basic characteristics of automobile micro motors
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The basic characteristics of automobile micro motors

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In order to adapt to the limited space and moving environment of automobile, the automobile micro-motor is required to have a series of characteristics: low voltage and large current;Large fluctuation of working voltage;Harsh environmental conditions;"Three prevention" and good dustproof performance;Measures are in place to eliminate radio interference;High efficiency, high power to weight ratio.

1.Low voltage, high current

The power source on the car is driven by the engine ac generator and charged to the battery, the voltage is generally 14V dc, so most of the car micro motor is a dc motor of low voltage, its working current is large.

2.The working voltage fluctuates greatly

A wide variety of electrical appliances and electronic systems are used on the car, all powered by the battery, and the battery power supply voltage range is large in different times, so the motor in the power supply voltage range of 8 ~ 16V is required to work normally.

3.Harsh environmental conditions

Compared with the micro-special motor for industrial use and household appliances, the environmental conditions are more demanding, which should meet the requirements of heat resistance, shock and vibration resistance, waterproofing and corrosion resistance, and can work normally under the environment of -40 ~ +80℃.For example, the hybrid stepping motor used in the four-wheel control system is installed on the chassis of the car, so it is required to be 6g vibration resistant, 150g impact resistant, and adopt waterproof and ventilation measures in the structure.

4.Good dust - proof performance

Automobile, as a means of transportation, requires the motor to have good moisture-proof, mildew-proof, salt fog-proof and dustproof performance.

5.There are measures to eliminate radio interference

DC motor because of commutator and brush friction sparks will cause radio interference, so often take measures to eliminate interference, such as access filter capacitor.

6.High efficiency, high power to weight ratio

As power consumption increases, so does the load on the engine, which increases power consumption.According to the report, when the power consumption increased by 10W, the fuel consumption cost of the car increased by 0.3% ~ 0.6%.In order to save fuel consumption, high efficiency and high power to weight ratio are required.

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