What is the subdivision control of stepper motor?
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What is the subdivision control of stepper motor?

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What is the subdivision control of stepper motor?

Regarding subdivision control,  in essence it is to control the current in the excitation winding of the stepping motor. so that the internal synthetic magnetic field is a uniform circular rotating magnetic field. Thereby to achieve sub-process the stepping angle of the stepping motor. 

In general, the magnitude of the resultant magnetic field vector determines the magnitude of the stepping motor's rotational moment. 

The angle between the adjacent two synthetic magnetic field vectors determines the step angle. The half-step mode implies working principle of subdivision. 

There are many ways to implement the subdivision method. The most commonly used is the pulse width modulation chopper drive mode. Most of the dedicated stepper motor driver chips use this drive mode.

The stepping motor is a purely digitally controlled motor that converts the electrical pulse signal into angular displacement. That is, gives a pulse, and the stepping motor rotates at an angle. So it is very suitable for single-chip control. 

In the case of non-overload, the motor speed, The position of the stop depends only on the frequency of the pulse signal and the number of pulses, and is not affected by the load change. The motor rotates through a step angle, and it has only periodic non-cumulative errors and high precision. Two kinds: full-step mode and half-step mode.

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