What’s the advantage of a brushless motor?
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What’s the advantage of a brushless motor?

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Cordless drills with brushless motors have come out in the past ten years and have quickly developed on traditional brush models. Now, they occupy 30% to 50% of the cordless electric drill market. "Consumer Reports" cordless drill market analyst Courtney Pennicock said: "They are also the fastest growing market segment."

What are the advantages of brushless power tools? These more efficient and durable power tools are entering the DIY market. So how do they work?

This passage is going to talk about the followings of brushless motor:

(1) Winding failure of brushless motor

(2) How does the brushless motor work?

(3) Should you get a brushless electric drill?


(1) Winding failure of brushless motor

Recently, in the field of electric tools, there have been many discussions about brushless motors. The manufacturer claims that brushless tools have higher performance and durability, and are smarter than ordinary tools. So, what is the technology behind these new motors?


brushless DC motor

(2) How does the brushless motor work?

The brushless motor has lost its brushes and commutator. The positions of the magnet and the winding are also opposite: the magnet is on the traditional motor shaft, and the copper winding of the armature is fixed and surrounds the shaft. Smaller circuit boards replace brushes and commutators to transfer energy to the windings.

Since the electronics communicate directly with the fixed windings, the tools can be adjusted to the task, which is why the company refers to these tools as "smarter" tools. For example, if you use a brushless drill to screw a screw into the Styrofoam, it will more easily feel the lack of resistance (compared to a brushed motor) and start to consume very little power from the battery. If the tool then starts to insert 3-inch screws into mahogany, it will adjust accordingly and draw more current. In contrast, a brushed motor will always run as fast as possible when in use.

In addition, the brushless motor can be more powerful overall. Since the copper windings are located outside the motor configuration, there is a lot of room to increase them. Brushless motors also have no friction and voltage drop caused by brushes dragging the rotating commutator. During operation, this physical contact causes continuous energy loss. The net benefit is a tool with higher efficiency and a more durable motor.

Brushless motors will continue to exist, but due to cost and other reasons, it may take a while for the technology to filter all the power tools used by weekend DIYers.


(3) Should you get a brushless electric drill?

At present, brushless electric drills are mainly classified as heavy and general purpose rather than light. Therefore, if you are working on a lot of serious projects that require drilling, then using brushless software may make sense. It can provide you with higher speed and power, and requires less maintenance. However, if you are a DIYer working on lighter projects, you may not notice a big difference.

Homeowners who don't use brushless drills often may not notice the benefits of longer service life or longer run time, but they will immediately notice that they are lighter and smaller than the old brushed varieties. If you want to go further, you can browse our website or contact us.


In terms of performance, reliability and durability, brushless motors have multiple advantages. Brushless motors are more energy-efficient, more responsive, and able to pack more power, torque and speed. And the brushless motor is easier to maintain, smaller and lighter, and the friction-lessness in the brushless bit means less wear and less heat. Can better prevent dust and debris. Although the price is slightly higher, but this is a guarantee of quality.

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