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What is a refrigerator motor - standard motor

According to the production practice of our factory, we will make some introductions to the research on the design, manufacturing process and reliability of refrigerator motor. Square and a variety of trough shapes, as shown in Figure 1. This kind of stator punching is more complicated in manufacturing than the circular punching of the standard series motor. But today the processing equipment is advanced, the die life is continuously improved, and it is still economical to analyze from the economic point of view in mass production.

6110 220V50Hz 新3#片 17#端盖 21#插片骨架(实样老3#片)

What is the refrigerator motor - special requirements for the refrigerator motor

In order to reduce the noise and the volume, the refrigerator motor and the compressor are installed in the same closed casing. And it is operated in a mixed gas of Freon and refrigeration oil having a certain pressure and temperature, which is a heavy-duty starting. The motor torque is proportional to the square of the feed voltage. When the grid voltage fluctuation is large, the torque varies greatly. When the refrigerator is running, the ambient temperature of the refrigerator changes greatly, and the motor load of the refrigerator changes greatly. The motor must have a large overload capacity and starting torque to operate reliably. The maximum torque and starting torque of the refrigerator motor are much higher than that of the standard series motor. The ratio of the maximum torque to the rated torque is generally more than 2.5 times, and the ratio of the starting torque to the rated torque is generally more than twice.

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