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A stepper motor is a control motor that converts an electrical pulse signal into a mechanical angular displacement. The so-called electric pulse, similar to the pulse, feels like the high level of the pulse when the pulse is beating, and the low level when it is not jumping. This is the electric pulse signal. The angular displacement unit is radians.

Stepper motors can be divided into reactive, permanent magnet, and hybrid. Each has its own advantages, and it is selected according to actual needs. The step angle of the reaction type is small and the precision is high; the permanent magnet type has a large torque. The hybrid type has the characteristics of high precision and large torque, but the cost is high. The structure and working principle of the stepping motor will be described below by taking the reaction formula as an example. The stepper motor is mainly composed of two parts:

a stator and a rotor. The stator and rotor are no strangers after learning DC motors. However, the stepping motor takes three-phase as an example, and has six or four magnetic poles on the stator and the rotor, respectively.

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