540 vacumm cleaner Brushless DC motor
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540 vacumm cleaner Brushless DC motor

24V Speed Control Electrical BLDC Vacuum Motor/Electric Shears Motor/Brushless DC Motor/Electric Motor
  • 130-1


Typical Market
Products for industry and commerce uses motor Products for medical appliance 

Household appliances motor Industrial equipment motor Vacuum cleaner motor

Environmental Requirement
Cooling method: Natural cooling or air cooling
Work environment: No dust, oil mist and corrosive gas
Work temperature :-10ºC~+45 ºC
Humidity: <80%RH, noncondensable, and unfrosted
Storage: -20 ºC~+105 ºC, protected from dust in intact packages

Typical model load performance 

  TypeVoltage Range(V)Rated Voltage (V)Speed (RPM)Current (A)Speed (RPM)Current (A)P(W)Max Eff.(%)