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Quality Policy

Customer first, quality and efficiency, continuous improvement
Adapt the quality policy and the company's overall approach to business that it is an important part of the company policy, and reflects the commitment to meet customer requirements and continuous improvement.
The quality policy provides a framework for formulating and reviewing quality objectives, quality departments should formulate appropriate based on quality objectives.
Each department manager you want quality policy is communicated to all levels of management, implementation, verification, and operations so that all employees properly and resolutely implement.
The company should continue to Quality Policy suitability assessment, if necessary, can be modified to adapt to changes in the company's internal and external environment.

Quality target:
1-Finished product sampling pass rate: more than 98% / month
2-The number of customer complaints: less than 2 times / month
3-customer survey satisfaction score: 90 points or more / month

1-Every 6 months implemented by the management representative organizations to assess the quality of target performance, general manager of the chair and to determine the principles of continuous improvement goals;
2-Specific the quality target segments: the reference to "the quality of the target plan.
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