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  • Jul
    [Motor knowledge] Gear motor
    Gear motor refers to integration of motor and gearbox, called as reduction motor or deceleration motor. It is usually made by professional reducer manufacturer to complete the assembly and supply. Gear motor are widely used in steel industry, machinery industry and small household appliance. The adv
  • Sep
    [Motor knowledge] How does an ac motor work?
    An Ac motor is a motor driven by alternating current (AC). Ac motors are widely used in industry mainly because of their high efficiency and the ability to generate constant torque up to the rated speed. The two most widely used types of Ac motors are induction motors and synchronous motors.
  • Jul
    [Company News] Visit Plan to our long-term cooperated customers in Brazil
    We plan to travel to Brazil to visit our important and trusted customers. Hope we have friend
  • Jun
    [Industry Trends] Starting method when synchronous motor is working
    It is very important for a machine start before its starting work.
  • Jun
    [Company News] Improved technology for DC motors
    Not everything, everything is perfect and no flaws. Also DC motor has its weaknesses. In order to better meet the needs of the majority of users, our company continues to improve the technical level of DC motors. Let's take a look at it together:The biggest weakness of the DC motor is the commutatio
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