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Electric Brushless Motor

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  • May
    [Motor knowledge] What’s the advantage of a brushless motor?

    Cordless drills with brushless motors have come out in the past ten years and have quickly developed on traditional brush models. Now, they occupy 30% to 50% of the cordless electric drill market.

  • Apr
    [Motor knowledge] What is a brushless motor?

    The electric motor converts the supplied electrical energy into mechanical energy. Various types of motors are generally used. Among them, brushless DC motors (BLDC) have high efficiency and excellent controllability, and have been widely used in many applications. Compared with other types of motors, BLDC motors have power saving advantages.

  • Sep
    [Motor knowledge] ​How does a brushless motor work?

    How does a brushless motor work?Brushless motors are common in industrial applications worldwide. At the most basic level, there are brush and brushless motors, as well as DC and AC motors. You might think that a brushless motor does not contain brushes, but uses DC current.Compared with other types

  • Jun
    BLDC Motor

    Brushless motors (BLDC) are becoming more and more popular in our everyday applications such as HVAC, electric vehicles, white goods and industrial applications. It helps electronic devices to be more reliable and durable.· The first major advantage of brushless motors is efficiency. Because the bru

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