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  • Sep
    [Motor knowledge] ​How to balance a Brushless motor?

    How to balance a Brushless motor?Balancing your electric motor before flying it for the first time makes a massive difference to limiting vibrations and will help to prevent screws and joints loosening, and your plane shaking apart, not to mention increasing the lifespan of your motor. How to balanc

  • Sep
    [Motor knowledge] How long can an electric motor run continuously?

    Electric motors are widely used in daily life, from lighting up camping trips to powering company factories to keeping electricity running in emergency situations. Although in most cases

  • Sep
    [Motor knowledge] How does an ac motor work?

    An Ac motor is a motor driven by alternating current (AC). Ac motors are widely used in industry mainly because of their high efficiency and the ability to generate constant torque up to the rated speed. The two most widely used types of Ac motors are induction motors and synchronous motors.

  • Sep
    [Motor knowledge] How to lubricate electric motor?

    After correct handling, electric motor can last a long time. In many cases, the premature motor failure is not due to any design, manufacturing or installation problems, but due to the most fundamental root cause: poor lubrication

  • Apr
    [Motor knowledge] What is an electric motor?

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